trust is just a word i heard
like lust is far preferred to honesty
turn this out of me
probably lost my soul to the ink on a page
or graphite since i write with a pencil
righteously fight like the grapes of wrath
i chose my path and drew a bath
because it’s past the time where i can define
a new skill set without a pill yet
i try
cuz i’m not a personable guy
staring down at my still blank page
never know if i should flow about love, life or rage
and i feel our minds are enslaved
and the deranged changed the face of the pain
i watched the same shame puncture your veins
but if you’re plain complaining offers nothing to gain
the voting machine’s are hacked
our education’s held back
we’re told we’re free
in fact
most of us believe it
but that doesn’t mean my dream
of true equality
will never be perceived as how it all should be
intentionally treacherous then suddenly soft
being publicly perilous gets you cut off
like disease in trees spreading with ease
bringing crowds to their knees with tear gas
with bigger crowds begging “please
gas these assholes they’ve got bad intent”
the constitution was burned with overwhelming consent

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