Root on comet

So I used z4root to exploit my t mobile comet and gain root access, used setcpu to enable frequency scaling to improve battery performance and rebooted. Then I mounted the filesystem read write and removed telenav and a bunch of other bloatware. SGS toolbox, astro file manager, autorun manager, root uninstaller, app2sd, superuser, advanced task killer and a few other tweaks and I am averaging 54 mb free of ram on boot. When I purge everything extra but leave the phone fully in tact, I reach up to 72 mb free. Seems pretty awesome considering the annoying apps are gone, it runs faster, and the battery life has drastically improved. I hope we start to see more manufacturers enabling cpu frequency scaling in the future so we the consumer dont have to risk our new phones safety for this must-have feature.

Photoshop express for android

Still early on my testing but I am finding that the android market free adobe photoshop express does a lot of great simple and common edits to pics I take. Great for formating blog and site content on the fly

My 2011 Plugin List

So I start just about every WordPress install with these plugins before I even install my custom themes. It speeds up overall development to be including future features early, and it allows me to test the site under actual “plugin load”

i’ll prob add links tomorrow, but all of these are available in the wordpress plugins directory.

all in one seo pack


contact form 7

exec php

fluency admin

follow me

google analyticator

google xml siotemaps

hl twitter

my category order

my page order

nextgen gallery

really simple captcha

theme my login

w3 total cache

wordpress db backup

wp e-commerce

wp e-commerce dashboard

wp epcommerce featured product widget

Blog Metrics to Become a More Active Blogger

So since I’ve installed the blog metrics plugin it has been forcing me to update my site more. Every time I log into the dashboard it forces me to see the fact that i haven’t been very active on my site. for running for over 30 months on the same wordpress install I should have more posts. i think it said my average word count per post was a measly 143 words.. less is more?

revamping my site, learning time

so i’m always on an ongoing quest to make my site better (three or four times a year which i know is not enough but hey, it’s better than not at all) and i’m trying out some new plugins and a new theme as of tonight

this theme is CRAZY it’s so configurable. it has options for options that most themes ignore completely. check it out if you’re down for doing some heavy config. the theme name is Platform, and I found it as a featured theme in the WordPress Theme Directory. The company who created Platform is located here:

i’ll keep ya’ll updated as i find out more myself. peace

free windows software to help secure you

with how malicious people are online, it’s important to protect your data and protect your identity. these programs are our key tools in making windows safer.

AVG 2011

Free anti-virus just doens’t get better. This is the most basic version of the software that AVG offers, but it does an amazing job. the current verion of this software introduced an awesome anti-rootkit component (previously available as it’s own tool)

Advanced System Care

this replaces 30% of what i do when i clean computers. it fixes basic registry errors, cleans junk files and even file-by-file defrags – great to run in the background

Spybot S&D

this program has been a staple anti-spyware program for a long time. it’s resident protector monitors registry changes live, and it can immunize against 180,000 known problems


use this program to quickly remove temp files from your computer, and to fix many registry issues.

internet explorer is one of the worst things that has ever happened to browsing. it doesn’t honor code standards, it contains many vulnerabilities, and it’s not as fast as other options.

the two browsers below are my highly recommended alternatives (mac, win, lin compatible)


google’s product….amazing


mozilla corp’s baby that launched them into fame, a remake of the famous netscape navigator