concussion & trust falls

the dampness of life was before me

dripping over the edges

of the poorly laid gutters encasing the porch


i sighed

in rhythm with the drops

falling around me.


tomorrow will be icy

i mustn’t walk too fast…


to reach Eden requires spills,

falls, embarassment –

if luck walks beside me…


i will make it.


It dropped.
The sound was so loud
Resonating through the halls
And my bones
But was it broken?
Or are you just scared?
Get up now.
Feel the success
Of carriying on

the shadows of the scent of the light

i remember the scent of cherry blossoms
wafting from the candles
you so delicately placed on the mantle
throwing shadows into the darkest corners
of my heart
behind flickering wisdom from the jester
who is me
where i once was myself
the path of life weaves and breathes
and shifts beneath our feet
our tracks are proof that we changed the world
as the candle burns it’s last breathes
and the closeness in the moment begins fleeting
do you remember the cherry blossoms too?
tomorrow smells so different
and yet, through changing, i am the same
as my core was
and has been
since before i was born
and after i am gone
a flickering flame
casting my own shadows
returning to the essence
existence. peace. harmony.
your eyes say, as you gaze at me,
this is your world too

quid pro no

it’s not like
you weren’t there
behind the scenes
loving me
all along
without expectations.
a wholesome image
is blank in your mind
where together
experience filling your space
with time
between the drip drops
of our leaky faucet
which i still have not fixed.

i see the dreams
you have surrendered
to my essence
but why
can’t i
do that for you?
a simple note
left on a countertop
and your shoes
missing from our closet
where there’s
more space on the floor
then i ever knew we had
until you weren’t there…

i am risen

you know how sometimes you just want to sit & stare
listening to rhymes without a thought or care
but it’s not like escape is really what it’s made
out to be, reach out and free – your soul
while you still got slivers of control
watching the energy get poured down this hole
and hardships are largest when you can’t let go
and if you didn’t know, you might as well no-show
cuz you’re trapped in the pack and you starting to attack
the views of the few who still have your back
alone and home grown, seeking out pay phones
throwing dogs bones, you think you’re the zone
but you’re wrong
so you sit and smoke that bong
wondering when the radio will play your song
hopelessly helpless, and relaxed with your past
trying to move fast but you lack the drive
to keep it alive
when it all dies we open up to look inside
and thats when we see the fucking phoenix rise


when she spoke
i could feel the words rushing through me
a cold breeze cuts to the heart
exposing truths about ourselves
from the inside out
cleansing our souls of our parents’ burdens
learning to unlearn
as the leaves of my soul flutter down the vacant country road
and i swoon
as i release the latch
of the cage
where my dreams live
so they can move on without me
why do i not see me in the mirror
and who is this man
smiling back at me?