i am risen

you know how sometimes you just want to sit & stare
listening to rhymes without a thought or care
but it’s not like escape is really what it’s made
out to be, reach out and free – your soul
while you still got slivers of control
watching the energy get poured down this hole
and hardships are largest when you can’t let go
and if you didn’t know, you might as well no-show
cuz you’re trapped in the pack and you starting to attack
the views of the few who still have your back
alone and home grown, seeking out pay phones
throwing dogs bones, you think you’re the zone
but you’re wrong
so you sit and smoke that bong
wondering when the radio will play your song
hopelessly helpless, and relaxed with your past
trying to move fast but you lack the drive
to keep it alive
when it all dies we open up to look inside
and thats when we see the fucking phoenix rise

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