the shadows of the scent of the light

i remember the scent of cherry blossoms
wafting from the candles
you so delicately placed on the mantle
throwing shadows into the darkest corners
of my heart
behind flickering wisdom from the jester
who is me
where i once was myself
the path of life weaves and breathes
and shifts beneath our feet
our tracks are proof that we changed the world
as the candle burns it’s last breathes
and the closeness in the moment begins fleeting
do you remember the cherry blossoms too?
tomorrow smells so different
and yet, through changing, i am the same
as my core was
and has been
since before i was born
and after i am gone
a flickering flame
casting my own shadows
returning to the essence
existence. peace. harmony.
your eyes say, as you gaze at me,
this is your world too

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