Ubuntu 11.04

I am loving the newest release of Ubuntu – it is fastest, leaner and more user friendly than ever. I also really like the docking bar on the side – all of the ease of access that previously was in the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, but with an intelligent autohide feature.

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Some of the complaints that I have about this version of Ubuntu Linux are:

  1. Nvidia graphics support has taken a step backwards, drivers are less stable, and you are encouraged to use the native linux driver, which is not as advanced as Nvidia’s
  2. The Start Menu – this new start menu has a great search feature and usually is able to find what you are looking for, but i’m stubborn and old fashioned and i really miss being able to open a fulll listing of my apps (i don’t always know what I’m looking for when I go to my menus)
  3.  Updates introduced issues Рon two machines that are running the desktop version of this Ubuntu 11.04 hard crashes were introduced by system updates. One of them updated the grub files on a hard drive that was not the boot drive, and then removed the MBR records from the boot drive, this ultimately lead to the users data becoming corrupted due to a reboot link it introduced. The other user lost X (graphical mode) and was basically unable to dual screen (with Twinview) for a few days.

None of these issues are super-major, but they all were setbacks in the new version of Ubuntu. I guess that in the open source world when a person installs a bleeding edge software product, one must expect it to still be bloody

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