Disc Golf Horse Shoes = Amazing!

So the other day at the place I’ve been staying we had a house party and during the prep we realized we had no lawn games!

Being the stubborn/resourceful person I can be, I decided to invent a game and after examining what we had laying around, and my overwhelming desire to play horseshoes, a new game was born: disc golf horseshoes!

It’s easy to play, easy to set up and take down, and super cheap… and I forgot to mention that it is totally fun!

What you need:
– five gallon buckets (2)
– disc golf discs (minimum 2, preferably 4)

How to set it up:
1. place the two buckets about 20 feet apart (you can change this based on your group’s skill level :-P )
2. fill the buckets 1/3 with water (weighs it down, prevents bouncing out if filled with rocks)

The rules of Disc Golf Horseshoes (DGH) are almost identical to regular horseshoes, with the exception being that in normal horseshoes only the highest scoring team keeps the points but in DGH any throws that score points count.

Ways to score:
Ringer – Get your disc in the bucket – 3 points
Leaner – Lean your disc against the bucket – 2 points
Close Enough – get your disc within 1 disc length from the edge of the bucket – 1 point

Games should be played to 21 or 11 for faster games

Try it out, have a blast and let me know what you think. Please share this with your friends and let’s take the tailgating/bbq lawn games by storm!

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