Disc Golf Horse Shoes = Amazing!

So the other day at the place I’ve been staying we had a house party and during the prep we realized we had no lawn games!

Being the stubborn/resourceful person I can be, I decided to invent a game and after examining what we had laying around, and my overwhelming desire to play horseshoes, a new game was born: disc golf horseshoes!

It’s easy to play, easy to set up and take down, and super cheap… and I forgot to mention that it is totally fun!

What you need:
– five gallon buckets (2)
– disc golf discs (minimum 2, preferably 4)

How to set it up:
1. place the two buckets about 20 feet apart (you can change this based on your group’s skill level :-P )
2. fill the buckets 1/3 with water (weighs it down, prevents bouncing out if filled with rocks)

The rules of Disc Golf Horseshoes (DGH) are almost identical to regular horseshoes, with the exception being that in normal horseshoes only the highest scoring team keeps the points but in DGH any throws that score points count.

Ways to score:
Ringer – Get your disc in the bucket – 3 points
Leaner – Lean your disc against the bucket – 2 points
Close Enough – get your disc within 1 disc length from the edge of the bucket – 1 point

Games should be played to 21 or 11 for faster games

Try it out, have a blast and let me know what you think. Please share this with your friends and let’s take the tailgating/bbq lawn games by storm!

quid pro no

it’s not like
you weren’t there
behind the scenes
loving me
all along
without expectations.
a wholesome image
is blank in your mind
where together
experience filling your space
with time
between the drip drops
of our leaky faucet
which i still have not fixed.

i see the dreams
you have surrendered
to my essence
but why
can’t i
do that for you?
a simple note
left on a countertop
and your shoes
missing from our closet
where there’s
more space on the floor
then i ever knew we had
until you weren’t there…

i am risen

you know how sometimes you just want to sit & stare
listening to rhymes without a thought or care
but it’s not like escape is really what it’s made
out to be, reach out and free – your soul
while you still got slivers of control
watching the energy get poured down this hole
and hardships are largest when you can’t let go
and if you didn’t know, you might as well no-show
cuz you’re trapped in the pack and you starting to attack
the views of the few who still have your back
alone and home grown, seeking out pay phones
throwing dogs bones, you think you’re the zone
but you’re wrong
so you sit and smoke that bong
wondering when the radio will play your song
hopelessly helpless, and relaxed with your past
trying to move fast but you lack the drive
to keep it alive
when it all dies we open up to look inside
and thats when we see the fucking phoenix rise


when she spoke
i could feel the words rushing through me
a cold breeze cuts to the heart
exposing truths about ourselves
from the inside out
cleansing our souls of our parents’ burdens
learning to unlearn
as the leaves of my soul flutter down the vacant country road
and i swoon
as i release the latch
of the cage
where my dreams live
so they can move on without me
why do i not see me in the mirror
and who is this man
smiling back at me?


trust is just a word i heard
like lust is far preferred to honesty
turn this out of me
probably lost my soul to the ink on a page
or graphite since i write with a pencil
righteously fight like the grapes of wrath
i chose my path and drew a bath
because it’s past the time where i can define
a new skill set without a pill yet
i try
cuz i’m not a personable guy
staring down at my still blank page
never know if i should flow about love, life or rage
and i feel our minds are enslaved
and the deranged changed the face of the pain
i watched the same shame puncture your veins
but if you’re plain complaining offers nothing to gain
the voting machine’s are hacked
our education’s held back
we’re told we’re free
in fact
most of us believe it
but that doesn’t mean my dream
of true equality
will never be perceived as how it all should be
intentionally treacherous then suddenly soft
being publicly perilous gets you cut off
like disease in trees spreading with ease
bringing crowds to their knees with tear gas
with bigger crowds begging “please
gas these assholes they’ve got bad intent”
the constitution was burned with overwhelming consent

the shell – 7/2007

i’m broke
living without hope
a shell of a man with no plan provoked
it’s hard to step to improve my life
my motivational trip resides inside
it doesn’t take much
did i even try
and i cried as i walked beside
the life i contrived into a lie
so shallow was i to think i could hide
but now i see this man is me
my past actions just distracting til this one day comes
where the sun show paths
previously cast in shadows
across my soul
as i become whole again
finally see some involvement
and each installment
leaves me cautious for more
alone on the shore
taking in the view
and energies so pure
that i need freedom to decide
whether i’m dead or i’m alive